On AICentral, you find the best of Artificial Intelligence “how-to” tutorials ever made. In one place! You might think of AIcentral as the Hacker News or Product Hunt for practical, hands-on AI tutorials.

Tom says:

If you are like me, a self-taught machine learning engineer, you are always hunting for great, practical tutorials online. Usually when I find an awesome tutorial, I share it with my friends. Since I started using AICentral, I found this platform as both a nice way to keep up with the best of AI tutorial online and also as a medium of sharing these tutorials with my close friends and other members on this site…

Tom is not alone; AIcentral is popular with a lot of self-taught AI enthusiast. AICentral was featured on the frontpage of Product Hunt, after garnering about 400 upvotes!

To submit a tutorial, you should first become a part of the community by registering here. Paste the URL of the tutorial page into the URL box. The title and relevant images on the tutorial page will be automatically extracted.

Remember to upvote on tutorials posted by other members that you find awesome. You can also ask questions about tutorials by leaving a comment; the author of that tutorial or another member of the community will answer your question. Be nice and polite! And have fun learning!

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